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Our differences are superficial; our likenesses are fundamental. For we are all members of a single race – the human race.  

This afternoon while I was browsing the net for content ideas for my Now and Then social history blog, I found this tangible product of friendship and collaboration in the e-book collection of Project Gutenberg

This cook book was produced in 1951. I wonder so many things about it. Did the women come together one evening to collate and bind the books? Is it string or wool that holds the fragile pages together? How many copies? Who typed them? Who penned the title page? Who crafted the foreword? Who are the women in the photograph? Where are these women now?

In informal gatherings, at our pot-luck suppers, sewing bees, teas and coffee hours, the women of the Friendship Club have gained insight into each others problems and re-affirmed their confidence that if people of different races, creeds and national origins would but have the opportunity to know and appreciate each other, it would be a long step forward towards solving some of the trying problems which face us all.

Friendship Club Cookbook 1Friendship Club Cookbook 3

Friendship Club Cookbook 2

Friendship Club Cook Book 4

Bircher Mues

The Project Gutenberg EBook of Friendship Club Cook Book, by The Friendship Club of Madison WI

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