Daily Archives: 18/03/2013

The release of a National Cultural Policy – Creative Australia has much going for it.  I like what I’m reading and hearing – particularly this statement. The link takes you through to more information about the policy and its intent.

Creative Australia imageCreative Australia is informed by the belief that a creative nation is a productive nation in the fullest sense of the word – empathic, respectful, imaginative, industrious, adaptive, open and successful.

I fear that there is no time for this to get traction in the space between now and the September election.

I hope that it and the principles the policy espouses get to see the light of day.

Here are a couple of attempts with my new marker pens and water colours from photographs I’ve taken.  I’m learning that slowing down and letting go yield more satisfying results.

There is no rush.

garland of chillies – Pike Place Market, Seattle



7404979846_3f4934ad52_k (1)

black-winged stilts – Moreton Bay