small pleasures: creating pictures

A month ago, I wrote here about noticing and paying attention, and of wanting to sharpen my observation skills. One of the ways I will achieve this fine objective is to put pen (or the like) to paper.

You might call it messing about.  I prefer to think of it as a playful foray into the world of pencils, pens, charcoal, water colour pencils, field kits, water based marker pens, art journals, stippled paper, matt paper, fine tip, broad brush (pause).

Stationers and art suppliers salivate when I step into their store or online space.  It’s a conspicuous joy, akin to the pleasure I also get from discovering hidden items in the house, purchased on other sorties over the years.

Critiques of technique will be listened to with an open mind.  Except that’s not what this is about.

It’s about finding ways to illustrate an experience and hold on to the feeling.  It’s about waking up the creative spirit that’s in all of us if we have the courage to play.  It’s about being brave enough to display it to the world and being happy enough that it represents what was happening for you when you sketched it.

There is more travel in my future. The camera and journal (lest their jealous ears might be listening) will always be constant companions, only from now on they’ll be sharing the space in the day pack with some other weapons of mass creation.


Street lamp – Gastown, Vancouver BC


Sleeping passenger
Spirit of Tasmania ferry March 2013












PS  14 March 2013

Look what the postman brought today.  First play with these water-based markers – brush nib at one end, plastic at other.  You can blend the colours pretty well – with or without the water brush.


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