MONA – like no other gallery

As art galleries go, MONA is different.  She’s a little underground. She’s dark and a little bit naughty. She’ll expose herself and her inner workings to you like no other of her kind has done before. She is an experience that keeps on giving.

You can record your visit with her using the O, an iPod filled with information and opinions and a system that tracks your movement about her.  Afterwards, you can retrieve your tour of her – where you went, all the parts you loved and, tantalisingly, all the bits you missed.

The total approach to The Museum of Old and New Art makes you dig deep.  Metaphorically and literally.  You go down into the earth and find yourself surrounded by towering walls of hewn sandstone playing host to a bar.  Julius Popp’s amazing Bit.Fall takes your breath away with its magically lit pulsing water words.  No wall plaques. No categories of objects forced together. Quirky, fun, shocking – all of the above.

MONA is big and brash. She’s everything you’ve never experienced in an art gallery before.  She is the amazing creation of David Walsh and his architect Nonda Katsalidis and many gifted curators.  Get thee to Hobart and plan to spend some time with her.

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