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Independent commentary platforms are rising like fresh air out of the ashes of traditional newspapers struggling to figure out what the heck happened to their once secure empires.

Since March 2011, The Conversation has been building up an impressive collection of articles under the umbrella of one of the site’s tags – academic rigour, journalistic flair.  

The Conversation recently attracted the now ex-Fairfax journalist Michelle Grattan as a columnist.  Academics and scientists have the opportunity to contribute to this truly broad sheet of ideas and perspectives.

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We have introduced new protocols and controls to help rebuild trust in journalism. All authors and editors sign up to our Editorial Charter and Code of Ethics. And all contributors must abide by our Community Standards policy. We only allow authors to write on a subject on which they have proven expertise, which they must disclose alongside their article. Authors’ funding and potential conflicts of interest must be disclosed. Failure to do so carries a risk of being banned from contributing to the site.

The Conversation – Who we are


The scope is large with the majority of articles falling under the following banners.

  • Business and Economy
  • Environment and Energy
  • Health and Medicine
  • Politics and Society
  • Science and Technology

All of the articles are archived and searchable.  There’s even an Explainer section where all sorts of questions are answered by scientists – What is 4G? – Why is Hendra virus so dangerous? – Why is the sky blue? – What is diabetes?

Follow the conversation (literally) on Twitter : @ConversationEDU

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