manifesting a Sri Lankan feast

How to have a Sri Lankan feast in your house.

1.  Take two young women and one young man.

2.  Ensure they have recently returned from Sri Lanka and participated in a cooking class.

3.  Check they have string hopper flour and the mechanisms by which to prepare the dough.

4.  Purchase other ingredients according to their scribbled notes and diagrams.

5.  Give your kitchen over to the magic.

6.  Pour yourself a glass of wine and watch the fun unfold.

7.  Be seated and enjoy the food and the stories.

string hopper dough

loading string hopper dough

squeezing the string hoppers

squeezing the dough onto steaming racks

steamed string hoppers

steamed string hoppers

dahl ingredients

red lentils and other dahl ingredients

beetroot curry ingredients

beetroot curry ingredients at the ready

carrot curry ingredients

carrot curry ingredients

chicken curry ingredients

chicken curry ready to cook

eggplant curry

finished eggplant curry


dahl ready to eat

chicken curry

chicken curry

coconut sambal

pol sambal

the feast

the spread

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