Sunday morning mango

Commercial mango growers are happy this summer season.  The fruit has remained on the trees for the right amount of time. Trays of beautifully sweet and fleshy mangoes are readily available. Neighbourhood backyard trees are groaning with the weight of less fleshy fruit but the bats, parrots and possums aren’t fussy.

On this glorious summer morning, where the heat seems to have turned down a notch or two, a mango in the fridge was begging for attention.

Apart from the obligatory cup of espresso, I was looking for some brain food to kickstart my day. I need to complete a few hours of work today to meet a deadline tomorrow. This little concoction has done the trick.


Take one mango. Lay it on a bed of low fat yoghurt. Scatter liberally with blueberries then sprinkle with a mix of ground almonds, linseed and sunflower seeds. Who knew a bowl of antioxidants could look this good?


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