small pleasures: mango chutney

Yesterday afternoon there was a change in the weather. A burst of humidity around lunch time heralded clouds, gusty winds and so few rain drops I don’t know why I’m mentioning them. Still, the dip in temperature was enough to feel comfortable enough to generate some heat in the kitchen and use some of the oversize mangoes taking up space in the fridge.

IMG_0797I often get the cooking process cart before the horse (to be polite) and find myself well into the commitment phase before checking that all the critical ingredients are in the pantry. I’m sure that this sultana-free chutney will be a perfectly good accompaniment to our home cooked curries.

Here’s a link to the recipe I used. Minus the sultanas.


The clever jars with lid handles? I found them on my last visit to Sydney at Daiso Japan in the Mandarin Centre in Chatswood. Everything in the store is $2.80.  Make sure you have time to spare if you venture into one of these stores. Consider this a vortex warning.

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